On 16th of october will be released GuruBanana's album. GuruBanana is composed by Andrea Fusari anche Giovanni Ferrario.



No end to limitations (Soon)



Scott Mercado was born in Montrose, Scotland -- but grew up in Virginia and California. By age 15, he was playing clubs in L.A. For 10 years, while mostly playing drums in bands, he was always writing and recording songs at home (and for the bands he was in). After finishing college in San Diego, Scott started playing guitar, keys, and singing in Via Satellite. Very soon after, Manuok was born.

Manuok started as bedroom project -- a diary. After years of tours and albums with other bands, Scott had scores of songs waiting in the wings. Writing, recording, and mixing almost entirely alone, the first Manuok album is all over the map and deeply centered all at once. Released on Loud And Clear records, the album was immediately a success with fans and critics - giving Scott awards and nominations, great reviews, and best of all, a band.

Soon after, Scott/Manuok was touring and recording with great bands. Since the initial release, Scott has recorded alongside The Album Leaf (SubPop – City Slang), Horse-Stories (Australia - Europe), Mr. Tube (Cargo UK - Sweet Nothing), Maquiladora (Acuarela - Spain), The Soft Lightes (Modular), Pilotram (Transient Frequency - USA), Trost (Four Music, Germany), Tristeza (Better Looking, Bella Union), Devics (Filter, Bella Union), Via Satellite (Loud and Clear – USA, Human Highway - Japan) and many more.

In addition to recording, Manuok has toured with or shared the stage with bands like Album Leaf, Rogue Wave, Jeremy Enigk, Devics, The Black Heart Procession, DMBQ, and the Radar Bros. Meanwhile, Scott had the opportunity to be a touring member of many great bands. Choosing to spend most of his time touring with The Black Heart Procession in 2006-2007, Scott also toured with Devics, Ilya,Tristeza, and of course, Manuok.

Once again while time and tours passed, Scott amassed a huge number of songs. In early 2008 Scott put the final touches on the first new album(s) for Manuok.



Les 7 vies du chat

La lanterne magique

Demoduff # 1


The musical and video projects of Italian-French band Grimoon are born at the end of 2003. They compose songs that give life to the shorts films that they have created. Live, every song is accompanied with small visual stories creating a sort of concert-cinema.

in May 2004 their first Ep “Demoduff#1" was released by Macaco Records. The release of the demo has immediately carried the band to tour in Italy and abroad (Sziget Festival of Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Spalato…).

In November 2006 Grimoon's first official album "La lanterne magique" produced by Giovanni Ferrario was published. The album was released together with a dvd containing a feature film which was created by the band itself and has been recieved with excellent approvals from the public and from the press.
In 2007 the band has dedicated to go on a long Italian tour (more than 40 concerts) and European tours in Germany and France.

In 2007, Grimoon have also been recording their new album "les 7 vies du chat", in collaboration with a lot of guests. The album, produced by Giovanni Ferrario has been released on 14th of March in Italy (Macaco Records/Audioglobe).


Alessandro Grazian




Alessandro Grazian is an italian songrwriter . His first album “caduto” was released by Macaco records and La Famosa Etichetta Trovarobato in October 2005.

Alessandro follows and brings on the tradition of songwriters as Fabrizio De Andrè, Georges Brassens, Luigi Tenco…


Marta Collica


Pretty and unsafe

Dark Summer (Sepiatone)


Marta Collica is an Italian songwriter active in Europe and Australia. Since 2004 shes part of the new John Parish band and together they recorded the new album Once Upon a Little Time which has seen a worldwide release last september (Thrill Jockey,Usa). Shes also well known for her collaboration with Hugo Race in their outfit Sepiatone and for touring as keyboard player and vocalist in the latest band formation of Hugos True Spirit. Firmly part of the Italian underground music scene, she founded the band Songs with Other Strangers, a creative encounter between a diverse group of international songwriters and musicians (Hugo Race, Cesare Basile, Stef Kamil Carlens, Manuel Agnelli, Marta Collica ,Giorgia Poli and Jean Marc Butty).

Beside singing, Marta plays piano, rhodes, hammond, synth she likes to explore a wide range of electronic and analogic sounds; her original style combines minimal arrangements and a unique kind of playing, stumbling unpredictably between delicacy and distortion.

In Martas solo act the shape of her songwriting is stripped back to the intensity of voice and piano with occasional guest interventions, driven by experimenting with the moment of performance. The live set gives and intense interpretations of the collection of new songs she wrote and recorded at home and at The Cave studio in Catania under the name Pretty and Unsafe (together with Hugo, Cesare Basile, Enrico Sorbello, Giorgia Poli, as Daniele Grasso and John Parish mixed the tracks) as well as some ballads from the new second album of Sepiatone Darksummer produced by Hugo Race together with Mick Harvey.



L'odore della felicità

to be released

Ed ovvimanente il tempo passa...

Single Marcho's



In 2005 Marco Mossuto from Udine and Alberto Cozzi from Mestre have created the band Marcho's

Thay start their collaboration recording a single, "Marchos". In November 2005 they recorded the album ".ed ovviamente il tempo passa." for Macaco records.
In 2006 Antonio da Mestre enters in the band and the new trio starts working on new songs.
They recorded 10: written by Marco, self produced, self arranged, self.all.Marcho's songs are between popular and electronic music, reggae and rock.
On June 2007 will be released the new album " L'odore della Felicità" for Macaco Records.

Erik Ursich



Soundtracks vol.2





Starts making music in the late 80s, beginning with experimental electronic music in 1990. Expands to a 360° experimentation, taking and manipulating sounds of any kind and origin: synths, traditional instruments, daily objects, tape loops, short-wave radio jams, environment sounds, human voices and so on.

Works with total stylistic freedom, preferring total (and often wild) improvisations to song-like structures. Things like rhythm and melody are most of the times absent. The main interest is sound/noise.

But he also brings on a more melodic side, with compositions ranging from classic kosmische-musik to minimalism (more and more melancholic and introspective as years go by).

Starts his own tape-label, Vacca Stracca Recordings, in the early 90s.

In these early years he also is guitarist (founder) of the hardcore-punk-rock-ska-samba-waltz-avant-cartoon-surrealist band Piripacchio & I Mostriciattoli.

After a pretty long break in the late 90s, in 2000 he starts his activity of composer for sountracks, going further with his electronic experience and adding new genres to his palette of sounds.

Between 2000 and 2001 collaborates with El Funeral De Kocis playing theremin.

In 2002 starts a collaboration with Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, and more specificly with the Señor Tonto project, for whom he conceives an entire record, plus a downloadable single.

At the end of 2003 he meets Grimoon, with the new role of bass player, starting an intense collaboration.

Vega Enduro


Big Time 25:33 p.m.

Vega Enduro

Vega Enduro is a band of old fellas coming from VIEWS, a group formed by Giovanni Ferrario and active back in 1984-1994 (discography: NAMBY-PAMBY Trough mlp1988; MUMMYCAT Crazy Mannequin lp1990). In 1994 they come back together with Vittorio Carli and take the name of Vega Enduro.

In 1992 has been released Vega Enduro's first album for the label Urtovox.

In 2005, Macaco Records and Desvelos Records release their new album "big time 25:33 p.m.".

On top of the psichedelic attitude, this cd lives of the light and the freshness that normally permeate Micevice's works, also because in the meantime Ferrario, has participated to Morgan's and australian Hugo Race's tours, and jumping from that to some artistic production (the last one is Filofobia with “Entrée du port” – Desvelos 2004)

Other influences in Big Time 25:33 p.m. are Television, Robin Hitchcok and Julian Cope.

Liquid ballads like floating magma that sticks to your feet and doesn't let you go away for good.





Il viaggio di Zebra

Penso a cose strane

Ad ogni costo



Libra is an italian indie rock band . “Il viaggio di Zebra”, their third album, was recorded by the American artistic producer Geoff Turner (New wet Kojak).

This last album is in perfect harmony between rock and analogic vintage electronic music .




Gusto in bocca


Cinema mon amour






Travolta is an italian pop rock band born in 1999. Easy listening, ironic and catastorfic lyrics and fresh sound. The influences are concentrated and like a shaker Travolta just keep the best to get a good coktail. So: easy listening...